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We SIMBA INTERNATIONAL Company are the best leading MCB and Contactors manufacturers, suppliers, exporters and dealers in Pune. Our MCB and Contactors manufacturers company creates huge variety of these compact circuit breakers and switching contactors with their unique specifications as per our client requirements.
We MCB and Contactors supplier provide excellent quality MCBs that are capable of responding much quicker than fuses having reliable and durable properties.

MCB and Contactors Manufacturers in Pune


MCB refers to the miniature circuit breaker and switches off the electrical circuit automatically. The circuit gets switched off during any abnormal or adverse condition within the electrical network. This comprises of complete enclosure within the molded insulating material. They are most preferably used for protecting the short circuit and overload. These breakers provide the strong insulated and mechanically housing.
CONTACTORS are the electrical devices used for switching on and off the electrical circuit. They are generally used for controlling the electric motors, transformers, etc.

Technical specifications of Hydraulic valves

Rated voltage 240-415 V
Rated frequency 50 Hz
Rated short circuit breaking capacity 10000 A
Rated insulation voltage 660V
Standard rated current 6-63 A
Energy limiting class Class 3
Trip fault indication Mid trip feature

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