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Laboratory Equipment

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Simba International is one of the leading Laboratory Equipment manufacturers, suppliers in Pune, India, Kinshasa, DR Congo, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Nigeria, Uganda. We are also exporters, dealers of Laboratory Equipment. We provide our customers with a wide variety of labware and equipment, while at the same time dedicating ourselves to quality products. We only offer products of high standards and products with the certification mark.

Our Medical Laboratory/Lab Equipment manufacturers, suppliers understand the importance of your job and the urgency of your needs. That is why we strive for fast and trouble-free order processing. We guarantee that your laboratory equipment order will be shipped and delivered in the shortest possible time.

What is Lab Equipment?

Laboratory equipment refers to various devices used in laboratories to perform various tasks. These tools are intended for use by scientists, students, teachers, and even medical professionals.

It is used for weighing objects, mixing and preparing solutions, while others are used for cleaning containers. Be careful not to injure yourself during the experiment. Knowing the name and use of laboratory equipment is important for safety and proper experimentation.

Common lab equipment uses:

Laboratories require a variety of equipment and instruments to conduct tests and research. These basic and common laboratory equipment can be found in various laboratories in all fields and markets.

Whether your laboratory research involves proteins, cell cultures, air, water, soil, or blood, our leading laboratory equipment supports a variety of testing needs.

The Common laboratory equipment can be found at:

  • ● Diagnostic test in medical laboratory
  • ● Research and Development
  • ● Quality management
  • ● Manufacturing industry of Laboratory Equipment
  • ● Educational Laboratory Equipment, and more!

What are the categories of Laboratory Equipment?

Laboratory equipment is divided into different classes according to their use. Below are all categories of laboratory equipment and their names.

  • Analytical instruments - This equipment is mainly used in laboratories. Most of these devices are used for the analysis of various substances and compounds. These instruments include atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS), high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), balances, calorimeters, colorimeters and conductivity meters.
  • Laboratory glassware: These are laboratory supplies for measuring, pipetting, transferring, reagent preparation and storage. These include beakers, flasks, condensers/distillers, flasks, funnels, glass washers/dryers, test tubes and vials.
  • Laboratory equipment: This equipment is mainly used in clinical settings such as hospitals. These include blood/gas analyzers, cell counters, chemical analyzers, coagulation analyzers and hematology analyzers.
  • Microscope: Such instruments used to magnify small objects. There are various types of microscopes like stereoscopic microscopes, compound microscopes, inverted microscopes, metallurgical microscopes and polarizing microscopes.

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