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Plastic Injection Moulds Manufacturers in Pune

Driven by the highly qualified team, We SIMBA INTERNATIONAL are the best leading Plastic Injection Moulds manufacturers, suppliers, exporters and dealers in Pune. Our Plastic Injection Moulds manufacturer company creates these moulds innovatively so they are easily form things like bottle caps, wire spools, toys, automotive components, pocket combs, storage containers, chairs and some mechanical parts as well as other plastic products.We Plastic Injection Moulds suppliers offer these products with variety of features as follows:


PLASTIC INJECTION MOULD involves the process of plastic moulding by pouring the liquid plastic in the particular container or mould so that it would become hard and get transformed into the particular shape.
They are moulded by injecting and heating the material of plastic at given pressure in the mould tool made of closed type of metal. After its formation the mould tool is opened for ejecting it out for doing other secondary operations, inspection and supply.
These mouldings can be done with different types of materials such as metals, elastomers, glasses, confections, thermoplastics and thermosetting polymers.


Plate Dimension 600X616 mm
Minimum Mold Thickness 200mm/7.9inch
Colour Black
Clamping System Direct Pressure Type
Machine Weight 4450kg
Tank Capacity 140Litre

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