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Simba International is Pneumatic Valve Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters, and Dealers in Pune. Pneumatic valve are one of many components of a pneumatic system that control the pressure, pace, and amount of air moving through it. From pneumatically controlled power tools to diesel engines, pneumatic systems, which rely on the force of compressed air to transmit power, can be found in a wide range of industrial flow control applications. One of several types of pneumatic control valves may be found at the core of a device, depending on other components within the application and the type of pneumatic system utilised.

Pneumatic valve are commonly used in the business, as well as information on their configurations and critical parameters. See our associated guide on the different types of valves for more information. See our guide to pneumatic actuators to learn everything you need to know about them.

Pneumatic Valves Manufacturers in Pune


The phrase "Pneumatic valve" is commonly used in two different contexts, each of which necessitates some explanation. A pneumatic valve is a device that controls or modulates the flow of air (or another inert gas) in a pneumatic system in the first context. In an automated pneumatic system, they do this by controlling the air or gas at the source and regulating its passage as needed through tubing, pipelines, or devices. Manually, electrically via a solenoid or motorised actuator, or pneumatically, the actuation component that causes the pneumatic valve to open or close can be achieved in a variety of ways.

Types of Our Pneumatic valve

We are Pneumatic Valves Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters, and Dealers in Pune. These valves, often known as directional control valves, can be classed in a variety of ways, including:

The number of ports of entry and exit they have

The number of accessible flow pathways or switching places

The mechanism for entry and exit the ports

When the valve is not operated, it is in this position.

When the valve is not operated, it is in this position.

Our Pneumatic valves or Functional directional control valves are which control the direction of air flow or prevent it entirely, are a broad category of pneumatic valves with several variations. These devices can be utilised in a hydraulic system in a variety of ways, such as connecting or disconnecting the system's primary compressed air supply or advancing or retracting air cylinders that move as part of the machine or process for which the pneumatic system was designed.

Specifications of Our Pneumatic Valve ?

Pneumatic valves have a number of specifications, some of which are summarized below. Furthermore, the exact specifications will be determined by a number of parameters, including the manifold design, desired porting, and valve actuation method.

Operating pressure or pressure range - the amount of pressure or range of pressures that the valve is rated to handle (in psi, Bars, or Pa, for example).

The sorts of media that the valve can safely regulate are referred to as the operating medium. In most circumstances, compressed air will be used.

Flow capacity, also known as flow coefficient, is a measurement of the valve's ability to move or flow air through it, with the flow coefficient (Cv) expressing the proportionality constant in between flow rate and the differential pressure.

The greatest number of valve cycles the valve can operate per unit of time is known as the cycle rate.

Response time is the time it takes for a valve to transition states or positions after it has been triggered.

The physical dimensions parameters that define the port sizes on the valve and the thread style are referred to as port size.

For electrically actuated valves, coil rated voltage is a measurement of the highest voltage that the actuation coil can sustain, and it can be expressed in DC or AC volts.

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